History of the Clit Washer
More detail and historical pictures coming as soon as I can round them up.

Version one was originally built as a Portable Hot Shower for group camping trips. It was built onto a hand-truck and consisted of a point-of-use heater, pumps, a deep cycle battery, and a propane tank. I could drop a hose into a cold mountain stream and get a nice hot shower massage out of the other end.

Of course we all know how women love their shower massages. At some point, I decided to start taking the PHS to kinky events and the Clit Washer was born. To use it, I would stake women out in the grass and apply the spray with a shower massage. Soon I started adding other sprayers such as a kitchen sink sprayer.

Version two uses a more compact heater and skips the pumps since it gets water from a pressurized hose. It includes a custom bondage bench made from 3/4" galvanized pipe and Kee Klamps. It has a selection of spray heads for delivering different sensations.

Version three will take all that's good about version two and build it onto a trailer. I want to reduce the multi-hour setup and take-down process to just a few minutes. Of course there will be some improvements, too.